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With Untouch SDK, you can develop 3D hand gesture recognition applications by connecting a depth sensor to your mobile phone or PC. Our Riemann SDK can track 26 DoF of the hand, thus detecting the hand gesture and action in a 3D space. In comparison with the traditional interaction such as key or touch, 3D hand gesture recognition is more intuitive and natural, providing users with a new touchless interactive experience.

Demo Video

The developers use PMD pico flexx with Untouch Riemann SDK to show a demo for hand gesture recognition; the demonstration is shown in the above video. If you want to integrate 3D-hand gesture recognition technology into your own application or product, please apply immediately and download our SDK.

SDK & Documents

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  • Riemann SDK Brief
    This document summarizes the features of 3D-hand gesture recognition on the Untouch Riemann platform, as well as software and hardware requirements.

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  • Riemann SDK for Unity
    Untouch Riemann SDK for Unity, enabling the easy development of an application based on hand gesture recognition using Unity 3D.
  • Quick Start Guide
    The Quick Start Guide instructs the developer on how to develop a hand gesture application via Untouch SDK and PMD pico flexx.

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